Boost - FAQ

We are introducing a new feature in Whatdir called BOOST. For now on, users can boost the content in our page. The boosted element will be moved to the top of the first page and it will be highlighted with a distinctive color forever depending on how many boosts it has.

Who can boost an element?

Everyone can boost an element either the creator and the rest of the users.

How many times can I boost an element?

There is no limit, elements can be boosted as many times as you consider. Elements will be highlighted in different colors depending on how many boost they have.

How long will the element remain in the top of the page?

For now, all boosted elements will keep the first position for the next 48h after the purchase. This may change in the future depending on how many boosted elements are.

Why are there so many colors?

As said before, elements will be highlighted in different colors depending on the boosted times as shown in the following table:

Boosted Times Highlighted Color
1 Blue
3 Yellow
5 Orange
10 Pink
25 Purple
50 Gold

Will the color dissapear after the boost?

No, the element will keep the color forever. Your element will be highlighted in every page they appear in the future.

Will the return to the last position it had before the boost?

No, after the boost ending, your element will fall from the first position while new elements are being accepted in our website.

Can I refund my purchase?

Every purchase in this website is no refundable. Please make sure you understand this concept before you make a payment.

Is it secure to make a payment in this website?

We are using one of the largest and more secure payment platform called Stripe. You can read more info about them and the security used in their website here.

Graphical demonstration:

For any other question, you can contact us now by sending an email to: [email protected]